Elenira Mendes Amazonia Continente verde

Elenira Mendes

26 giugno 2023 –  ore 18.30

Via Cappuccio 5, Milano

Elenira Mendes
elenira Mendes

Elenira is the daughter of Chico Mendes, the rubber tapper leader murdered in 1988. Chico founded the Union of Rural Workers of Xapurí, he was also a founding member of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (Workers’ Party), promoter of the “Union of Forest Peoples,” and president-elect of the National Council of Seringueiros (rubber tappers), a position which his death prevented him from occupying. Elenira is the current coordinator of the Chico Mendes Foundation, and she has participated actively in the launching of the international campaign jointly organized by CONTAG and IUF.